Hot Tub Hire

Hot Tub Hire- Indoor use. New for 2009

New attraction from Niteglowfx "Hot Tubs" This is an ideal attraction for all types of clubs and pubs. It can be situated in any area within the venue or even in beer gardens or smoking areas and is suitable for up to 5 people at any time. This can be regulated to ensure maximum usage throughout the evening. The Hot Tub has 12 directional water jets and in built under water led lights, we supply bathing suits and towels for anyone wanting to have fun in the Hot Tub. Hot tubs are a good attraction for any venue summer or winter time, ideal for summer beach parties, swim wear parties, or Ibiza nights.

We can also supply a fast water heating system to save time on site, and a beach fragrance machine to give a sea side aroma around the Hot Tub area.

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Now you can access NiteGlowFX Party Videos in the NiteGlowFX Youtube Webpage. Just click here and you can see the most recent videos from all NiteGlowFX parties all over the UK including the new Hot Tub attraction.

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Hot Tub Hire-Outdoor use

The Hot Tub Hire is an ideal way to impress your guests at any garden party, birthday party or a romantic evening with you partner, we supply the Hot Tub for the morning of your event and leave it with you for a 24 hour period, we can also supply the fast heating system to warm up the Hot Tub to allow you the Maximum usage.

Dimensions 78 length 60 width 30 height

Requirements for garden parties

Flat standing area, and good access to flat area. We supply water hose and power lead to main supply including earth breaker.

Hot Tub

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